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At Land Home Financial Orlando, we absolutely love to help people realize their home dreams. Offices of Vincent Ortiz and team are single-focused on accomplishing what is required to get every person approved and into their new home. With over twenty years in service to Orlando, the individuals and families that we have helped are grateful for all that we do to assist them.

Social Survey Land Home Financial Reviews Part of our story lies within the hearts of those benefitting from our dedication to their lives, from the day they decide to start looking for a home to the moment they take the keys to their new place! Life is a journey and goes by fast – it’s meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest every moment of breath.

Verified 5-Star Google Review RatingsAllow us to be part of your story – hear from others below that have experienced the difference in a true Direct Community Lender. We look forward to hearing your story…

“As a first time home buyer, I was excited, and admittedly nervous. But I have to say, I could not have imagined a better lending experience than I had with Vince Ortiz. I was fortunate to have been referred to him, and WOW. Not only was he extremely professional, he was incredibly patient, and prompt in answering the myriad questions I had with regard to the home buying experience. Not only did I receive an excellent rate, I found a lender in whom I could place my trust, and I’d recommend him with enthusiasm time and again.”

— Eliana Wolf


5-Star Google My Business Rating “Vince Ortiz is amazing how he handled my latest home purchase, I was kept updated at all times. He made sure that I chose the least expensive loan in the long run. Do not chance your purchase to anyone other than Vince, he will protect one of your most valuable purchase.”

— Edward Johnston

Kenny Felix Testimonial

5-Star Google My Business Rating “Vince, thank you for Maria and Edwin! You’re awesome – 100% close Ratio with me! True Professional – I will continue to preach about you to all!”

— Kenny Felix

5-Star Google My Business Rating “I have worked with Vincent Ortiz on many mortgage deals and am always pleased with the results. Vincent has a wealth of mortgage knowledge and is a great resource. Vincent’s team is rock solid.”

— Gruff

5-Star Google My Business Rating “Vince Ortiz has helped me buy two homes. Despite our loans being complicated, during each experience he was always available, informative, patient, creative, punctual, and unflappable. He has a reassuring, calming, “no problems, only solutions” attitude and in the end he makes even the most challenging deals happen.”

— Michele Lewis

5-Star Google My Business Rating “I have sold homes to several home buyers whose mortgage loans were were done by Vincent Ortiz at Land and Home Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Ortiz has always been very professional and has always closed loans on or before end of contract date. It is my pleasure to personally recommend Mr. Ortiz to home buyers. Please give him a call for a very easy and pleasurable home buying experience.”

— Wajid Mohammed

mortgage customer

5-Star Google My Business Rating “Land Home Financial is a great mortgage company. Vince and his team have worked diligently and fast to help me meet my closing deadline. This is now my third home mortgage with Vince and I highly recommend using him and his team! Very professional and exceptional service!”

— Robb Marsch

5-Star Google My Business Rating “I would like to send you a heartfelt thanks for all you’ve done over the past few months. You have been professional, helpful, and made this the best real estate loan experience I have ever had. I appreciate your efforts.”

— David Lyons

5-Star Google My Business Rating “I bought a secondary home with Vincent’s help; I find his response time good, as an example I’ve reached him directly on the phone after 7pm a few times. I’ve been told he works 10 hour days and he will get back to you if he doesn’t pick up right away. I would say he looks for solutions for you and tries his best to get you the right mortgage. Comparing him to big bank mortgage officers he is a class above them. I would recommend him to family and friends. My realtor recommended him and anyone she’s recommended to me so far has worked out well.”

— Tony Meile

5-Star Google My Business Rating “I am a real estate agent and have worked with Vincent Ortiz for many years. He has always been very professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. It is always a smooth transaction and he abides by what he says. I recently closed on several properties and there were no glitches and the closing happened as planned. Land Home Financial Services has several programs available, including investor loans. I would highly recommend Land Home Financial Services and Vincent Ortiz as your mortgage broker.”

— Claudia Pena