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At Land Home Financial Orlando, we absolutely love to help people realize their home dreams. Offices of Vincent Ortiz and team are single-focused on accomplishing what is required to get every person approved and into their new home. With over twenty years in service to Orlando, the individuals and families that we have helped are grateful for all that we do to assist them.

Social Survey Land Home Financial Reviews Part of our story lies within the hearts of those benefitting from our dedication to their lives, from the day they decide to start looking for a home to the moment they take the keys to their new place! Life is a journey and goes by fast – it’s meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest every moment of breath.

Verified 5-Star Google Review RatingsAllow us to be part of your story – hear from others below that have experienced the difference in a true Direct Community Lender. We look forward to hearing your story…

social survey Matt Pfieffer “The home loan process was so smooth. Any questions I had were answered right away. My next home will be bought through Land Home. Vincent earned a customer for life. I have already referred a friend and I’ve only owned my home for 2 days.”

— Dustin P

social survey Matt Pfieffer “The professional nature with which our transaction was handled. The amazing turnaround time from application to mortgage closing was awesome. We actually closed two weeks early and we are so grateful. Thanks Vince!”

— Donald B

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Everyone working together and always answering our phone calls and text. Great team and very professional mortgage officer! Great Job – Thank you!”

— John Pocock

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Throughout the home buying process, Vincent and his team were available to answer questions via email and phone. My family and I are grateful for all of the hard work. I closed on my home at the expected date.”

— Schneider Emilien

social survey Matt Pfieffer “It was great, they were worked very hard to make sure to would get our loan approved for my home.”

— Johanna R

social survey Matt Pfieffer

“Vince was very knowledgeable about all types of mortgages and made sure I got the best rate and loan that suited my needs. He also was a very responsive to emails and phone calls which I didn’t get with other mortgage companies.”

— Scott R

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent was professional and easy to work with on our home mortgage. He made anything possible and tried to find away to put you at ease.”

— Jennifer A

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent made my experience a memorable one. He was constantly on top of everything during the entire buying process. Buying a home is stressful but id do it again with the help of Vincent and his company.”

— William C

“The home mortgage process only took 30 days to complete and now our home dreams have come true. We could not be happier.”

— Dale C

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent and his team are very knowledgeable in the home lending arena. He has helped us refinance multiple properties. I highly recommend his services.”

— Edward W